Rental Game:

The inflatable games are suitable for each event.
They offer the opportunity for children to have fun in a safe, attractive figure climbing, gymnastics practice of sound and rest in a cushion of air. The delivery and rental of inflatable games will be managed by qualified personnel.
Are large, beautiful and amazing visual impact.
The inflatable games are perfect for birthdays and weddings to your home.

         - Scivoli -                            - Saltarelli -                          - Percorsi -

scivoli                       salterelli                      percorsi

                     - Pubblicitari -                  - Sportivi -         - Carrelli trasporto giochi -

      pubblicitari          sportivi         carrello

We are on the market for over 15 years and security for us is always on top, in fact we use only professional games, INSURED, strictly TESTED annually, constructed with materials STRONG, fire retardant and nontoxic, also assured MONTAGGI meticulously accurate and up to date with all regulations in force, only performed by experienced staff to offer maximum enjoyment in all serenity for us because a party must not always just a beautiful memory!

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